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For over 20 years, Keith Rosenzweig (Owner of KLR DIRECT) has been warehousing and directly importing Ad Specialty products for supplier clients. Keith is personally involved with EVERY client and EVERY factory he does business with.

With KLR DIRECT, simply add the products we inventory and that you wish to sell under your Supplier branded catalog and website – we will do the rest for you!

With KLR DIRECT, you have immediate, domestic access to popular promotional merchandise without any additional investment to carry them in your Line.

KLR DIRECT Benefits:

  • CASH FLOW – We offer 30-day credit terms to all approved customers.
  • INVENTORY – We maintain a HUGE stock of a variety of quality promotional products.
  • ARTWORK – We provide a link to download high-resolution product images.
  • TIME – We ship to you in one (1-2) business days from either Los Angeles, CA or Phoenix, AZ.
  • LOW QUANTITY – We will accepts orders of 1 carton
  • RISK FREE – We accept all the risk.  You handle all the sales!
  • DECORATION – We even provide decoration service on all of our products.
  • DELIVERY – We ship to your facility or blind-ship direct to your customers.

Of course, if you wish to continue purchasing container or less than container quantities directly from overseas, KLR DIRECT will be happy to offer competitive pricing directly from our factories, quickly and efficiently.

Please call us at (480) 967-1151 to learn more about this exclusive inventory support program for Suppliers in North America.